Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why The New Subaru Forester Is 2014's BEST SUV

A SUV Hill-climb Test Conducted with 5 Major Auto Manufacturers.

The USA Auto Club conducted an extreme weather traction test on Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Honda and Subaru SUV's.  The vehicles were lined up on a closed course and were challenged to go up a ramp lined with polyethylene and wet down with running water. One by One each brand took at the ramp and were unsuccessful. Finally, last but not least the Subaru Forester went up for bat and made it up and down the ramp.  The Forester's traction control kicked in and maintained grip with it's Symmetrical AWD design.

Subaru AWD vs. Mazda vs. Ford vs. Toyota vs. Honda // Forester vs. CRV vs. Escape vs. CX5 vs. RAV4

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