Monday, March 3, 2014

Behind The Scenes - Mark Miller Quick Lube

Behind the Scenes of the Best Oil Change Facility in Salt Lake City & Sandy UT

We went behind the scenes of the Mark Miller Quick Lube here in Salt Lake City and Sandy UT to check out what happens while our car gets it's oil change. 

We showed up and got right in. Their service adviser asked us a few questions about our car and then sent us right on in to the waiting room while our vehicle was serviced.

The waiting room was comfortable and they gave us a free beverage while we waited. Turns out the place has it's very own Café, with fresh breakfast items, lunch specials and a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

Inside was a child's play area with toys, chalkboard, books and more to keep our little ones busy while we waited for a change.

One of the coolest things we noticed while we were waiting, (which wasn't long) was we were able to watch our car over a live camera feed the whole time. This made the wait seem much faster and it gave some strange sense of security and trust while the car was being worked on.

Little did we know they also do chip/crack window repair. It's quick and easy and didn't even add to our waiting time, they did it while the oil was being changed.

Quick and Easy

The Process was great and fun.  The car goes onto one-of-two bays where Mark Miller Quick Lube technicians start their Multi-Point Inspection and immediately get us, the customer taken care of.

The bays even lift up, completely supporting the vehicle, no matter how high or low it may be.

Down below, a service technician gets to work on the car with a wide variety of tools to work on any make or car that comes through.

Everything is clean and organized so the techs can be as efficient as possible.

They have just about every weight of oil on hand and ready to go!

The Mark Miller Quick Lube houses a state-of-the-art Hunter Win-Align laser guided Alignment checker. This helps find what tires may be off or out of alignment.  In our case, the alignment was good and in the green!  All this for no extra charge!

Our tires were rotated and set up in no time. Even the wheel-balancer has a guided LCD screen.

Tire pressure was checked and digitally monitored to meet manufacturers specifications.  All services are recorded and stored on their servers for quick and easy reference if ever needed. This is especially helpful when it comes time to sell your car, they can print out your vehicle's history to show that it has been well maintained and kept up to date per manufacturer specifications.

Our car even got a quick vacuum and a car wash (everything in the carwash is recycled as well) . All of this was complimentary and on the house!

The pricing at the Mark Miller Quick Lube is aggressive and with all of the extras they throw in, a free drink, free vacuum, free car wash, free fluid top off, free alignment inspection and all of the other amenities make this the on stop shop for a fast oil change. We were in and out in 32 minutes!

Matt Stringham


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