Friday, March 29, 2013

Utah Car Cents:Show 10

10 SHOWS IN...and going strong, all thanks to our fans and listeners who support us.  Let us know what you want to hear on the show by posting to our Utah Car Cents Facebook Page or simply commenting below.  We LOVE your suggestions.  Every Saturday Utah Car Cents broadcasts live right out of Salt Lake City, UT.  From 10AM-Noon on 1280 The Zone and 97.5 FM.  You'll hear local car news as well as industry wide break throughs.  Thanks for sticking with us through 10 full shows.  Looking forward to having you join us tomorrow!

Here is show 10 to get you all caught up!

Utah Car Cents: Show 9

Spring is in the air and Utah Car Cents hopes all is well on the homefront and with your vehicle.  A big thank you to our avid listeners and welcome to our newly joined fans.  Remember to give a listen every Saturday morning from 10AM-NOON on 1280 The Zone and 97.5 FM.  Feedback is not only welcomed but highly appreciated.  Here is show 9 so you can catch up on all the latest car news and other reports!

WRX Concept Vehicle, unveiled at the #NYIAS

Utah Car Cents followed step-by-step on twitter, blogs and other news sources to find the most cutting edge information on the New York Auto Show.  The Subaru unveil left us breathless.  Not knowing what their secret concept was going to be and then finding out it was a revolutionary take on the WRX, was awesome.  While watching the video, notice the mean cuts on the body, green accents, the LED lights and carbon fiber extras.  STUNNING is the only word that comes to mind here at Utah Car Cents.  How do you feel?  

Comment right here on our Utah Car Cents Blog, on our Facebook page or tweet to us your thoughts and feelings about the new WRX Concept Car!!!  Don't miss our show on Saturday from 10am-NOON right on 1280 The Zone!  

Friday, March 15, 2013



 Help your car recover from old man winter and be prepared for spring.  Here are a few tips for saving time and money over the long haul with a few quick tips. 

  • Wash your car inside and out. 
Winter can be fun and exciting when weather is great for skiing, boarding, cross country and polar plunges! However, it's not easy keeping the interior clean when you've walked through mud, slush and half melted snow and ice. Cleaning your interior early in spring can help keep your car clean and dirt free. Sometimes, if this is neglected, salt and dirt dries out and is then rubbed so deep into the interior carpets and seats that its almost impossible to get out. In the long run this can lower the value of your vehicle. 

  • Check tire pressure.
The cold dense air can play games with your tires, dropping the tire pressure and causing more wear and tear per mile to your tires. Once weather warms up it's great to make sure pressure is good and that snowbanks, ice and slush haven't knocked your car out of alignment.  

  • Top off fluids.
Most quick lube and oil changing facilities do this for free. Summer is right around the corner from spring and  it helps to stay confident in knowing your car has plenty of coolant, oil and washer fluid for the upcoming high-temp days.

  • Windshield Wipers.
Check your windshield wipers before the first big rainstorm hits. Winter ice and snow can be brutal and shred the fine cut rubber on your wipers. We've all done it, setting the defroster on full blast and wipers are on, in a frantic rush to clear the windshield so we can be on our way.

  • Wash the under body of the vehicle.
Snow covers roads and salt melts snow on roads. It's a viscous cycle. Nonetheless salt is essential to clearing the roadway from snow and ice. But salt is notorious for corroding and rusting up the under body of your car. A good strong wash from a pressure washer can do wonders in keeping corrosion down.

  • Brakes.
Harsh conditions cause slower, more cautious driving. The more cautious a driver is the more braking is usually involved. Brakes can be under constant pressure during winter months and its best to check them out before they start squealing at every stop light and stop sign.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Utah Car Cents: March 11 2013

Rally Into Spring

Utah Car Cents produced a live show for the Rally Into Spring Subaru meet on Saturday presented by Mark Miller Subaru.  Over 200 Subaru lovers were in attendance which provided an awesome afternoon full of music, the scent of BBQ and a raffle.  Prizes were provided by, Flapatax, Rally Sport Direct, Adam Barker Photography, Discrete Headwear, Workman Insurance Group, Subalube, Reflected Image and much more.

A wonderful barbecue kept people fed and happy all afternoon for a mere 5 dollar purchase. Event T-shirts were a hit and sold out about three quarters through the meet.  The shirt donations enabled someone 10 additional raffle tickets and the money went to the awesome charity Utah FACES.  

Besides the food and raffle, Subaru owners took the time to catch up and admire one another's cars.  Whether someone had a "rally ready" STI or was new to making upgrades, all were welcomed with open arms.


The sun shown itself sparingly on Saturday but with excellent music provided, it kept smiles on and spirits high.  Local deejay Ryan Bennett from K-UTE radio kept the jams rolling all afternoon.

Even with the afternoon being filled with all the fun activities, no one forgot what the meet was for.  Utah FACES came to the Rally into Spring event to spread word on their cause.  They help rescue local animals around Salt Lake City and raise money to spay and neuter pets.  Not only were they selling a $5 bandana to help make those pets you love that much more cute, but all proceeds from the event went to Utah FACES!  Over $900 went to this awesome organization.  Go check out their website and volunteer or make a donation today!

The Utah Car Cents show (mentioned above), broadcast straight out of Mark Miller Subaru Midtown during the Rally Into Spring event on Saturday.  Audio for the live show is located below.  So, if you missed out give it a listen!  Thank you to all who listened and came out to donate to the wonderful charity, Utah FACES, on Saturday!  Keep listening and remember to call in and give your input because it's important to us.  Mark Miller Subaru also teased a fall Subaru meet happening at their Southtowne location called Drift Into Fall so stay tuned in the future for details concerning that event.  

Every Saturday from 10AM-Noon on 1280 The Zone!

Utah Car Cents

Utah Car Cents: Show 7

Utah Car Cents presents our 7th show below.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.  Also remember to call into the show for a chance to win a few prizes from our partner Mark Miller Subaru.  Stay informed on the auto industry and the happenings every Saturday morning from 10AM-Noon right on 1280 The Zone and 97.5FM.  Enjoy!

Utah Car Cents: Show 6

All thanks to our listeners Utah Car Cents is becoming a fine radio show.  If you like what you are hearing we appreciate your support.  If not, how can we improve?  Would you like to hear more on new models, news or the business side of the industry?  Let us know by posting on our Facebook wall or commenting below, right here on our blog.  Enjoy us every Saturday morning from 10AM-Noon right on 1280 The Zone or 97.5FM.  Thanks!

Catch up on our show below with show 6.

-Utah Car Cents

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Utah Car Cents: Rally Into Spring Subaru Meet

A Special Show:

Utah Car Cents will be live this Saturday from 10AM until 12PM @Mark Miller Subaru Midtown.  Our good friends from and  Rally Sport Direct will be joining us and giving some valuable insight on the Subaru community that has been built around the Salt Lake City area.  Also the event Rally Into Spring presented by Mark Miller Subaru, will be happening while the radio show is being broadcast!  The event promises to be a great time that supports the local charity Utah FACES, a cheap BBQ and a Subaru drive around the Salt Lake Valley.

Rally Into Spring:

Have your family, friends, pets and Subaru join us for a day filled with fun and music!
Festivities begin at 11AM sharp so catch the first part of the Utah Car Cents show...then head on over to 3535 South State Street, SLC, Utah.

Tune In!

Utah Car Cents airs every Saturday from 10AM-12PM.  So turn that dial to 1280 The Zone or 97.5FM to keep up to date on car news, new models and business related to the car industry.    Thanks for listening and don't forget to call in to possibly win some prizes.  We will see you at the Rally Into Spring event this Saturday at Mark Miller Subaru Midtown!


Utah Car Cents Team

Friday, March 1, 2013

2014 Forester: Quick View

Subaru's 2014 Forester has elegant design and crafty engineering. Below, check out a cool video that Mark Miller Subaru put together on the 2014 Subaru Forester.  They listed a few of the main features on this 2.5i Satin White Pearl base Forester.  In the video it teases that they will soon have a full review of a Limited Forester on their YouTube channel.  So be sure to stay tuned or catch up on their Subaru news on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Enjoy.    

Have a great day,

Utah Car Cents