Thursday, August 28, 2014

One Bad Penny - Man Commits Fraud Over Bugatti Scam

This Bone-Head Tried to Pull Fraud on His "$2.2 Million dollar" Bugatti Veyron

Andy Lee House of Lufkin, TX, pled guilty to wire mail fraud in federal court in the Eastern District of Texas.  He purchased a Bugatti Veyron for $1 Million and then insured it for $2.2 Million with a ridiculous plan to get the increased coverage in payout from the insurance company.  Little did this guy know, he was being watched the whole time.  Now he is about $1 million in the hole and will be serving behind bars. Check out the Youtube Video below.


Friday, August 22, 2014

August Audio

Have You Missed Us This Month?  Fret Not.

We have more to come!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Luckiest Man Alive.

You won't believe your eyes for this one. Motorcycle win.

This Russian Dash Cam captured one of the biggest motorcycle wins of all time.
You will have to watch this more than once. Guaranteed.
Youtube. Speedsociety

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a car dealership should be like... A Hotel.

We've all been to a car dealership at one time or another; whether a friend or family member was in the market for a new car, or simply looking to purchase a vehicle for ourselves.  Odds are, at sometime we also took a visit to a dealer's service department.

Sometimes taking your car in to be serviced can be a nightmare.  We're already upset because our car has been acting up and left us vulnerable and on edge. We walk up to the desk and sit there to be waited on, or we have to stand around aimlessly while waiting to be helped. We explain the problem and try to mimic noises that our car is making with whatever sound effects are possible to impersonate. The advisor helps us out and then we ask the big question, "How long is this going to take?"

What happens from here on out makes or breaks the experience. If it was long, boring and communication was horrible, odds are I will never return.

This is what I would love to expect when dropping my car off to be serviced.  I want to feel like I have just checked into a hotel. I want to feel at home while my vehicle goes under the knife.

I conveniently made my appointment online so I would hope that they were expecting me.  My name, phone number and information about my car has already been recorded. Please don't ask for everything all over again when I pull up.

In a perfect world, I would expect a Hotel greeting and service, while my vehicle is being serviced.

How great would it be to drive right on up and they know you're coming; they may even know your name!

If it's going to be long wait, good strong WiFi is a must, and we will stay occupied. This way I can watch Netflix or Tweet about my experience. Most importantly, if service is going to take a while, food is going to help my hypoglycemic self find peace.

Cafe / Food would be great, after all, my only options would be anything (if anything) within walking distance.

A Shuttle Service is one of the most convenient amenities a repair facility could have.  Just having the option to drop my car off, and then hitch a free ride to work and back makes a world of difference.  This service alone,  would lead me to consider all future repairs with the particular facility.

I want to see! We've all heard horror stories, "they took my car for a joy ride" or "they didn't even lift the hood". Just having the ability to peek up at my car and watch it being worked on can add a lot of trust to a service.

A Clean, Vacuumed Car takes very little effort these days, most shops have an automated system installed anyway. Why not do this for free?  This little perk alone would help me justify my oil change. "At least my car will be clean."

Unfortunately there is a very small handful of service facilities that do this, but our very own Mark Miller Subaru is one of them.  We check you in, give you a free beverage and send you to the waiting area to enjoy free WiFi and Direct-TV.  You can see your car being worked on through our managers office or a live feed on our of our TV's.  We'll wash your car, vacuum your car and send you on your way.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Utah RAM owner gets truck fixed for FREE after stopping chase.

Do you remember this Utah chase that was put to a stop by this Dodge RAM driver?  The community rallied together and helped fix the truck.

Autoblog and KSL reported Back in June a 14-yr old joy rider stole his grandfather's Hyundai Veloster and was giving chase to local authorities; the Veloster was heading for a park filled with children.  A local man, Bryson Rowley, decided to put the joy ride to an end when he "RAM'd" the Veloster to a stop with his Dodge truck, all in efforts to keep nearby playing children safe.

Bryson's truck has been repaired for FREE. A company called Fusion Bumpers rallied supplied him with a new front bumper.

Get the full scoop and Bryson's story here.