Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toyota & Lexus issue a recall

2003-04 Corolla

In recent days, Toyota and Lexus have issued a recall that could effect your model.  The company made the announcement just a day ago, on Wednesday morning.  752,000 Corolla models and 270,000 Lexus IS models will be effected.  The 2003-04 Corolla is being recalled due to a short circuit in a module that traces back to airbag flaws, causing them to dispense without warning.

Lexus IS Sedan
      The wiper-blade arm is the pin pointed issue on Lexus IS Sedan models from 2006-2012.     A tiny nut located on the blade has been known to loosen and cause the blade to come free. Extra weight such as the winter we are having here in Utah, could easily cause this problem on your vehicle.

If you own one of the above models, please be aware that Toyota will be mailing out letters concerning the recall.  No specified date has been mentioned, however, the company did say "In the near future".  Dealerships will most likely be handling the repairs and it should be a timely and organized process.

Visit here to learn more about Toyota Recall or here for Lexus Recall.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Utah Car Cents Show 04

Utah Car Cents show 04 is now available for those who missed the show on Saturday.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

2013/14 Automobiles Revealed!

Utah Auto Show: Re-Cap

Early Friday morning, the Utah Car Cents team explored (just as everyone did) every new make and model offered for the 2013 auto year.  Few imported exotic vehicles could be found but all the major corporations had their presence known.  Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen, Subaru, Fiat, Cadillac  Mazda and Nissan were some of the bigger names.  A few models we were most impressed, as far as beauty and ingenuity goes, were:

  • Jaguar XK
  • Dub Edition of the Avalon
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Audi SR5
  • New Cadillac Sedans
  • Subaru 2014 Forester
If you were unable to make it out be sure to mark your calendars next year, it's great for car fanatics!  Utah Car Cents will be keeping you up to date on news about all these new models to come and much more.  Be sure to listen in on our show weekends at 10am-Noon every Saturday!  Prize give aways happen weekly, so follow us @Utah_Car_Cents and find us on Facebook, just search Utah Car Cents!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Utah Car Cents Show 03

Thanks everyone for listening on Saturday to Utah Car Cents, for those who missed the show, the podcast is available below.

Tom and Jeff welcomed John Miller from Mark Miller Toyota and Pete Philbrook from Mark Miller Subaru South Towne on the show. We talked about the Utah International Auto Expo, news from around the industry and the guys took lots of calls from listeners.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Utah-International Auto Expo

The annual Utah International Auto Expo is headed your way this weekend!  It is to be held Friday January 18th through Monday January 21st, 2013.  With the expo only a few days away Mark Miller Subaru is excited as well as many other dealers across the valley.  Motortrend happily chooses Utah as one of the select locations to hold this great automotive be sure to not miss it!  Held in one of Utah's most prestigious event centers: The South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah.

Directions:  9575 South State Street. Sandy, UT 84070


  • Friday  11am-10pm
  • Saturday  10am-10pm
  • Sunday  10am-8pm
  • Monday(Martin Luther King Jr. day)  10am-8pm
Ticketing(cash only):
  • Adults (13+)- 8$
  • Senior Citizens (62+)- 6$
  • Military (with ID)- 6$
  • Children(7-12*)- 6$
  • Children 6 and Under FREE
  • Children 12 and Under FREE on Family Days*(Sunday&Monday)
  • Buy your E-Tickets now and save 1$ & receive free subscription to Motortrend Magazine!!!**

Once inside the expo you'll be able to explore almost every auto vender known to man.  Everything from a Ferrari to Honda.  Vehicle fanatics will find a whole day full of fun activities and information but don't count out the kids!  Kids can still enjoy a snack or some of the more tailored activities.  Children 6 and under are free all 4 days but children 12 and under are free for the family days (Sunday&Monday).  Mark Miller Subaru hopes to see you there, don't forget to listen to our radio show "Utah Car Cents", which airs on Saturday from 10am-Noon on 1280 The Zone!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Utah Car Cents Show 02

Thanks everyone for tuning in yesterday for episode 2 of Utah Car Cents. We've uploaded the podcast for those who missed the live show.

Tom, Jeff, Roger and George talked about what's new in the automotive industry from the Consumer Electronics Show, Craig Bickmore called in the show and talked about the upcoming Utah International Auto Expo, and the guys took calls from listeners.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Edition

What’s happening with the Auto Industry?
Audi, Ford, Porsche and others unveiled some mighty upgrades at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  A lot of the upgrades are to ensure better connectivity with your current smart phone but there are others…let’s take a look!

Lexus Safety Research Vehicle

Ford- Ford models that are equipped with Sync AppLink will be able to access nine new applications with voice command.  The nine apps are:

 üWall Street Journal
 ü  USA Today
 ü  Kaliki
 ü  Amazon Cloud Player
 ü  Aha Radio
 ü  Rhapsody
 ü  Greater Media
 ü  Glympse
 ü  BeCouply

With possibly more apps to come to this system Ford has developed, you can connect your Android via blue tooth or iOS with a cable.  Voice activation is a primary option but you can also interact with the versatile touch screen. 

NVidia- NVidia had a high presence at the CES and came to show off what your car display “could” look like.  Installed screens were showing off what may be coming for automotive displays and it was stunning.  A Tegra 3 processor by NVidia powers a screen with vivid color, graphics and a swipe feature that takes you through many vehicles processes. 

Porsche/Chrysler- Porsche and Chrysler have jumped on the Aha wagon. Aha is a very popular Internet based radio application that features over 30,000 stations and apps.  It also contains built in navigation elements to search the area and users can listen to live updates from their personal Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Aha now brags that it will be available for about 10 automotive makers.    Each brand will be integrating Aha into its already used system.

Lexus- Lexus brought their A-game and a different type of technology to the show.  Safer driving is on the mind of Lexus engineers and their CEO’s.  A prototype of their safety-research vehicle was found at the Lexus booth.  This vehicle is not driverless and does not intend to be, unlike competitors at Audi.  Lexus describes it more as a co-pilot feature that will keep the consumer safer in the long run.  High definition cameras and sensors help to detect surroundings, balance the vehicle and even know which direction you are headed. 
Looks like there are some great things happening in the automotive industry even with 2013 just beginning.  Follow right here for more coverage on the new and upcoming!  Don’t miss the Radio show this Saturday @10am on 1280 The Zone!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Utah Car Cents Show 01

Thanks everyone for tuning in on Saturday for our first Utah Car Cents show. We've uploaded the podcast for those who missed the live show. Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions or ideas for the show, leave us a comment below.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to Utah Car Cents

Welcome to Utah Car Cents,
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Follow our blog and listen to the radio show to learn about the automotive industry.  The radio show airs right out of Salt Lake City, UT.  Car Cents will feature different guests that will contain interviews, news, fun facts and anything related to the automotive industry!  Tune into 1280 The Zone and 97.5 FM from 10am-Noon on Saturdays!  If you miss the show, stay up on the blog for other information!  Our first show will feature Mark Miller himself as he is interviewed and talks about the business he has been apart of for the past 40 years. Thanks and enjoy!


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