Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Edition

What’s happening with the Auto Industry?
Audi, Ford, Porsche and others unveiled some mighty upgrades at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  A lot of the upgrades are to ensure better connectivity with your current smart phone but there are others…let’s take a look!

Lexus Safety Research Vehicle

Ford- Ford models that are equipped with Sync AppLink will be able to access nine new applications with voice command.  The nine apps are:

 üWall Street Journal
 ü  USA Today
 ü  Kaliki
 ü  Amazon Cloud Player
 ü  Aha Radio
 ü  Rhapsody
 ü  Greater Media
 ü  Glympse
 ü  BeCouply

With possibly more apps to come to this system Ford has developed, you can connect your Android via blue tooth or iOS with a cable.  Voice activation is a primary option but you can also interact with the versatile touch screen. 

NVidia- NVidia had a high presence at the CES and came to show off what your car display “could” look like.  Installed screens were showing off what may be coming for automotive displays and it was stunning.  A Tegra 3 processor by NVidia powers a screen with vivid color, graphics and a swipe feature that takes you through many vehicles processes. 

Porsche/Chrysler- Porsche and Chrysler have jumped on the Aha wagon. Aha is a very popular Internet based radio application that features over 30,000 stations and apps.  It also contains built in navigation elements to search the area and users can listen to live updates from their personal Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Aha now brags that it will be available for about 10 automotive makers.    Each brand will be integrating Aha into its already used system.

Lexus- Lexus brought their A-game and a different type of technology to the show.  Safer driving is on the mind of Lexus engineers and their CEO’s.  A prototype of their safety-research vehicle was found at the Lexus booth.  This vehicle is not driverless and does not intend to be, unlike competitors at Audi.  Lexus describes it more as a co-pilot feature that will keep the consumer safer in the long run.  High definition cameras and sensors help to detect surroundings, balance the vehicle and even know which direction you are headed. 
Looks like there are some great things happening in the automotive industry even with 2013 just beginning.  Follow right here for more coverage on the new and upcoming!  Don’t miss the Radio show this Saturday @10am on 1280 The Zone!

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