Monday, May 11, 2015



Off of a post made by, here are some things that can help you get that desirable part that is no longer in stock.

For the toolbox, an old military box will do the trick. You can pick them up online on or at any military surplus store. They are cheap, durable and waterproof so it'll be everything you need and much more. You can even stand on it for a few more inches or use it as a hammer.

The common wrenches are always a must. Whether it's taking off rusty bolt or using it to take off a hose. The sizes you'll need and we find most common are 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", and 3/4" sizes. 

You know, Autoweek made a good point with this one. The crescent wrench has become a common name just like Kleenex so any generic brand will work. It'll help you get those weird bolt heads that the normal wrench just can't get.

Pliers, everything you'll need when you can't grab that tricky part or just need some extra mini jaws of death.

Something so simple but we use them almost every time we work on something, screw drivers. You'll need both phillips + and flat heads - when completely you're cheap tool box. Can easily find these at a thrift store, or any store for that matter for pretty dang cheap.

A ratchet and socket set would be the bees knees. Even if you throw in some extensions that'll come in handy even more. Make sure it works though and go from right to left. You don't want to get out in the yard and find out your ratchet is broken, well it goes for any tool. So make sure to check them.

Last but certainly not least, a box knife. You'll need it more than you think, whether it's cutting hoses, seats or plastic. Trust us on this one, you'll be grateful when you see it in you toolbox.

That's mostly all you'll need when you get out there to the ever so needed junkyards. Plus with the military box, there will always be room for extra tools you find you'll need along the way.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Utah Car Cents - Exclusive Promise Pricing

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Jeff Miller from Mark Miller Subaru announces they will be going to a non-negotionable price model.

Starting today, April 1st, 2015 Mark Miller Subaru Midtown and South Towne will be starting their new promise pricing, non-negotionable price strategy. Jeff says, "We're finding what people hate about us... People don't want to go buy a car and that's a problem - when people want to come to you and they hate the fight, they hate the negotiating."

This is a big move for not only Mark Miller Subaru, but the car buying experience in general. We can simply ask you, how do you feel about this move? From the callers on the show, it seems like a lot of people love the idea!

On another note, Mark Miller Subaru will also be holding the Do Good Feel Good event. During the event you can go to the Mark Miller Facebook Page and vote for a charity as well as for every car sold, $75 will be donated to a local charity.

Big things from Mark Miller Subaru, we'll follow along and see how they continue to change the automotive industry!

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