Thursday, January 15, 2015

Utah Car Cents Audio 1/11/2015




Car Cents.


Here's Audio from Saturday's show 1/11/2015.


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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hyundai's Exobaby

Have you seen this?

This Hyundai Ad has gone viral on social media,  with over 14 million views on Youtube.   The baby's exosuit in the ad symbolizes Hyundai's new in car safety tech that detects irregularities on the road. It looks to be another set up like Subaru's eyesight.  It's a bit odd, or... Creepy.  How does this make you feel?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Utah Car Cents Gas Tip

See a tanker at the gas station?  Keep Driving...

We have spoken about this from time to time on the Radio Show and Podcast, but we thought this a great tip for the blog as well. Gasoline goes through quite the refining process, but small particles still make through from time to time and eventually build up.  In turn, these particles can eventually end up in your own gas tank and cause problems. These problems can become a serious issue when it comes time to refill that gas tank of yours. Filters become clogged,  fuel gets cut off and engines can misfire. 

When the giant tanks at the gas station are replenished, all the new fuel coming in stirs up the sediment at the bottom, which then makes it easier to get into your tank.  So if you are in need of gas and see a tanker at the station, wait a bit or keep on driving.  Once the new fuel has been replaced and has settled, all the gunk will end up on the bottom of the tank again, making it much harder to find its way into your car.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tis the Season for Car Shopping Reports Strong Selling December for Lexus, Mercedes and more.

The Auto industry usually has a tremendous budget when it comes to advertising and marketing spend.  Lexus launched their traditional December to Remember event for Christmas this year, (seen below)  and they are now celebrating a great month.

Mercedes has had a good month as well, pushing their 2015 Mercedes C Class.

 Audi, Mercedes and Subaru are trending this month as well.

The Auto Industry still seems to be thriving considering the consumer index has had a slow growth since November, ending at 92.6 from the expected 94, as described by the Wall Street Journal. 2014 was kind of an off year for Car companies and the Super bowl this year. Many of the commercials fell short of expectation or were just flat out weird demonstrating oddly shaped creatures, red pills, blue pills and angel wings.

We'll continue to watch the trends and report on the best and worst selling cars of the year. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Portland Takes Legal Action Toward Uber

Portland's City Transportation Bureau Is Suing Uber. reported the lawsuit Mon, 12/8. Uber just launched in Portland last Friday, but the city's Transportation Bureau didn't waste a minute to take action.

It's the same dispute that came up in Salt Lake City Utah and other cities across the nation, it comes down to certain laws regarding for-hire vehicles and their licensing.  Greg Kumparak reports
that the city has issued a "cease and desist commanding Uber to halt operations".

The city hasn't stopped there, they are going after Uber and Independent Uber Drivers by issuing fines up to $2,250 dollars.

As always, Uber is ignoring the legal demands of Portland and other cities, the question is whether or not Uber will back drivers who are fined or not.  If they don't, than they may see a fast reduction in drivers overnight due to Portland's strict ruling.

On November 26, Salt Lake City Council threw the brakes on Uber and Lyft.  Both companies were already operating illegally, but not without a cause. Uber and Lyft insist they "are not transportation companies, but rather only provide a platform by which freelance drivers can coordinate with would-be riders".   Uber and Lyft have seen a big response from the public and rightfully so, as per Salt Lake City's transportation companies are owned and operated by the airport.  Why would the public adhere to ridiculous 30 minute minimum or $30 charge. (Something Salt Lake has changed recently).

Long story short, Portland isn't allowing any slack on ride sharing but Lyft and Uber continue to operate and pay fees for drivers while fighting the battle for freelance drivers and would-be riders. This is their way around liability issues. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gymkhana 7 and the Hoonigans

Gymkhana no.7 has just been released by the  Hoonigan team featuring Ken Block and his Hoonicorn,  an 845hp AWD Ford Mustang.

Just about once a year Ken Block performs a some kind of gymkhana stunt in the city, from San Fransisco to Los Angeles and more.   "Gymkhana is is a type of motorsport. Similar to autocross, the goal of gymkhana is to achieve the fastest time possible; memorizing the course is a significant part of achieving a fast time. The name is loaned from the equestrian discipline of gymkhana." as told by Wikipedia.

This would be Ken Blocks 7th Gymkhana stunt over the years. He ventures the freeways, undergrounds and roads of Los Angeles, performing hooniganism along the way.  From Donuts around Randy's Donuts to a subtle pun related to OJ Simpson's police chase.

Gymkhana is now a viral sensation featuring drifting, stunts and burnouts  It shows the power of GoPro and what you can do if you can afford to pay the LAPD to shut down the streets of L.A.