Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Winterize Your Car In 10 Easy Steps

How to Winterize Your Car in 10 Easy Steps

 The freezing temperatures in winter months can be hard on you and your car. Here a few quick tips to keep you safe on the road this winter.  How to prep your car for winter.

Emergency Kit
Make sure you have some kind of an emergency kit in your car. Something to help you out if you end up on the side of the road.  The smallest things can help the most in the middle of a winter storm or on the side of the road.  Here are a few simple things to keep with you.
  •       Blanket
  •         Extra Water and Food
  •          Hand warmers or extra pair of gloves
  •         Ice Scraper
  •         Small Shovel and Kitty Litter (Sand and Kitty Litter help with traction)
  •          Ice Scraper
  •          Flashlight
  •         Flare
  •         Jumper Cables

Belts & Hoses
Be sure to look over all of your belts and hoses for cracks or splits.  The Rubber and weaved material are strong, but when they are up against freezing temperatures and frozen stiff the smallest things can be a cause for trouble.

Locked out?
Glycerine works as a great way to quickly de-ice your vehicle. Vehicles can become frozen shut and even worse, if you don’t have keyless entry it could be impossible to turn your key in a frozen door lock. It is sold at most automotive retailers and hardware stores and can be purchased in small tubes and easily stored in a work desk, purse or backpack. Be sure to keep it somewhere accessible, as a glove box may not be to helpful if you are locked out.

Protect that Windshield
A lack of visibility is an accident waiting to happen.  Snow, Slush and Salt come from all directions when on the road and can easily dirty up that windshield. Make sure you have plenty of antifreeze style windshield washer fluid under the hood and in the car. Along with washer-fluid, make sure you have fairly new windshield wipers. $30 bucks can be the difference from a clear windshield and a smashed car. Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk to hold off.

Snow Tires
Good tires make or break traction in a winter snow flurry or even when trying to get out of a parking spot. Winter snow tires should be a must if your vehicle doesn’t have All Wheel Drive capabilities.  It may seem like a big investment, but it’s worth it even for those few times you’re trying to make it up the hill to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. Snow tires can last several years as well, they are only used for a few months and then stored away until next season.

Battery Capacity
Being stranded at 6 o’ clock after work is not fun. Car batteries can be stubborn in winter, the cold weather affects its charge capacity.  Be sure to check the fluid level in your battery, this can be inspected by popping off the refill caps or may even have an indicator on the side of the battery. If the fluid is low, refill it with Distilled Water to prevent corrosion inside of the battery.  Be sure to check the voltage, many stores will do this for free.  If you are in the need of buying a new battery, be sure to check the date on the new one in the store, don’t buy one that is older than 4 months.

A good Scraping
Be sure to buy a reliable ice scraper, if you choose to go cheap you may end up with something that merely streaks your windshield with lines.  A stronger, longer scraper is great for removing frozen snow in tire wells, under bumpers and in your suspension. All of these can lead to small issues over time.

The air in the tires drops 1psi (Pounds per Square Inch) every 10 degrees in temperature change, warmer or colder. This can lead to poor gas mileage, abnormal wear on the tires. Something so small and so easy can lead to a hefty price tag.  Newer cars will shine the bright orange light in your face when your vehicle’s tire pressure is off.

Engine Cooling
The coolant running through your engine is a big deal in extremely cold temperatures. This fluid helps keep your cars internals from corroding and free of rust.  The mixture should be up to par as well, for the winter it should be closer to 60% Antifreeze and 40% water. If there is too much water, the car’s radiator will actually freeze up and the vehicle will overheat. This can be costly.

Spare a Spare
Be sure to keep the spare tire in your trunk, or under your car filled with air. The spare can deflate a bit in the winter and if the time ever comes that this is needed, you don’t want to find out you now have two flat tires!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Best Car Memes

10 Best Car Memes

Angry birds: not as fun in real life.

LOTR Meme.  No staff needed here. 

You're doing it wrong, backwards and everything in between.

At least we know it's not his headlight fluid?

Forget re-treads...

Just get in!  No Time to Explain!

Choo Choo !   I'm a Train...

Sometimes we just need to give it a good rinse. 

1st world problems. 

He wants the Beggin Strips, Better make it a large bag this time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Did You Miss Us Saturday? Nov 23 2013

Utah Car Cents November 23rd Radio Show News & Highlights

We had a good show Saturday with special guest Roger Parkin! Are you curious about what you missed?  Tune in below! 

  • Tesla S  Coverage
  • Elon Musk’s Insurance coverage for tesla fires
  • Tesla’s Built to Order & where they are Manufactured
  • Consumer Reports most satisfied car
  • Best car ever tested by Consumer Reports
  • L.A. Autoshow News
  • The Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Iceland Adventure and Specifications
  • Internet and online auto shopping
  • The Dangers of Ethanol

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The NEW 2015 Subaru WRX Live update from Tom Doll

The New WRX - Live Update

The facts

Tom Doll  - President and COO

  • DIT Subaru Direct Injection
  • 2.0L 268hp Turbo Charged 258 lbs ft Torque,
  • Stiffer BRZ style chassis, completely redesigned. 
  • Six speed manual Transmission
  • Torque Vectoring
  • Sport CVT auto
  • Wide Body Design 
  • Subaru Intelligent Drive
  • 30 Miles per Gallon
  • 3.5 in LCD Display
  • One inch longer Wheel Base
  • Rear Camera Display
  • Blue Tooth
  • NAV
  • Climate Control

Watch Live HERE

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 L.A. Auto Show Vehicles

The Following Vehicles to Debut at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show

There's much anticipation for this year's  L.A. Autoshow.  Dodge, Jeep,Chevrolet, Subaru and Honda all have new vehicles to debut. 

Here's a quick preview for tomorrow's reveal. 
2015 ATS Coupe
Charger & Challenger

Wrangler Willy’s Wheeler

911 Turbo Cabriolet

Neiman Marcus Vanquish

2 Series

Rear Wheel Drive K900

Long-Wheel Base Style

377 HP RLX Sport Hybrid

Coca-Cola Eco Build

Sonic RS  Dusk

AMG Gran Turismo

F-Type Coupe

FCEV Concept


CrossBlue Concept


500 1957 Edition

SLS AMG GT Final Edition


Legacy Concept

2015 WRX

Monday, November 18, 2013



Subaru has launched a video promoting what looks to be a new wagon or hatchback with some slick new curves, hinting what looks to be the new Subaru DIT, Direct Injection fuel system.   The new teaser is called the Subaru Levorg.

The New 2015 WRX 

Subaru has been throwing teasers all over the internet with these new models. Releasing a 'front-end' view teaser of the new WRX. The new 2015 WRX is expected to be at 268hp producing a 0-60 5.4 seconds, housing the new Direct Injection technology, CVT and Manual along with a possible twin-scroll turbo.

Carscoops released footage of what appears to be a test drive of the new WRX.

The New Legacy Concept

 Per revealed on