Monday, November 11, 2013

Toyota's FCV, The Beginning Of The End for Battery Cars

Toyota is set to show off their new Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Big Debate
Battery vs. Fuel Cell; this is the big decision automakers are struggling to make when it comes to research and development for new vehicles.  The big decision rests on the efficiency of manufacturing and distributing hydrogen at an affordable rate. Right now the average cost per gallon is around $10 dollars but delivers about 81 miles to that gallon.  Battery electric is about $3 per 81 driven miles. Toyota, BMW and others are are betting that by 2020, hydrogen can be delivered at $1 a gallon. Closing the gaps of cost per gallon by leaps and strides. 

Who's jumping on the bandwagon?
It's been reported that BMW and Tesla have already dropped more than $3 billion in R & D for fuel cell vehicle production. All betting the odds that battery operated vehicles will soon become a thing of the past and meet extinction. Hybrids and Batteries are great for better MPG's but they are limited in the recycling process; thus in the end leaving a bigger carbon footprint than advertised. 

Toyota's FCV

MSRP from $70,000-100,000 as to be revealed Nov. 20th 
a second release to be set at 2018/2020 for less than $50,000

FCV concept looks like a regular sedan and is expected to take it's passengers 300 miles per tank of hydrogen.

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