Monday, July 28, 2014

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

6 Discontinued Cars We Want Back

Discontinued Cars We Want To See On The Road Again

Over the past few decades we have been exposed to some great vehicles.  These were automobiles that found a special place in our heart.  We took a look back into what we used to love, what set the standard for imports, domestics and styling. They were the cars that trickled off one by one and slowly disappeared.

The Toyota Supra


Ending production in 2002, the Supra set the standard for a turboed sports car.  It was known for its speed records, tuning and throwing the spark into car culture for aftermarket parts and an upfront challenger for American Muscle. 

Subaru Baja


Before Honda came out with the Ridgeline unibody truck, Subaru had already introduced the AWD standard, optional turbo charged Baja, half truck, half car.  Known for its "creative design", the car has actually accrued quite the following and to this day, dealers can't keep used ones on the lot.

Acura Integra


The poor mans sports car. Integra's dominated the aftermarket in car culture in the late 90's and early 2000's.  Featuring V-tech capabilities, Dual Over Head Cams and sporty handling, this car molded the road for sporty coupes.  Still looking better then it's newer named counterpart, the RSX.

Ford Ranger


It was the tuner car, err, truck for off road enthusiasts and eager teenagers. Before small mid-sized pickups became full-sized and MPG guzzler's. From pre-runners to farm runners. The Ranger was the perfect small pick-up for any job. It was easily modified and fun to drive. We want it back.

Honda Prelude


Coming out of the box quick and good MPG's the Honda prelude was a great option for someone who wanted a sporty coupe, something to customize and challenge the competition. The Prelude was another one of those cars that pushed the aftermarket for modifications and improvement parts.

Mazda RX-7


With a motor and a design ahead of its time, the RX-7 was by far one of the best coupes money could buy during its time.  Featuring a compact and lightweight Wankel rotary engine, Savannah turbocharger and a design met to compare to the Porsche 944 & 924, this was one of the cars to have. It was another import to challenge the speeds of the American domestic market for muscle cars.  We want it back!  Mazda tried with the RX-8, but it was short on speed and tuning abilities.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Automatic Parking System of the Future: Here Today

Germany's New Airport Parking System


It's bad enough when your late to the airport, but sometimes trying to find a parking spot can be half the battle. Germany has won this battle with their new state-of-the-art and futuristic parking system.  How long until the rest of the world catches up?