Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toyota & Lexus issue a recall

2003-04 Corolla

In recent days, Toyota and Lexus have issued a recall that could effect your model.  The company made the announcement just a day ago, on Wednesday morning.  752,000 Corolla models and 270,000 Lexus IS models will be effected.  The 2003-04 Corolla is being recalled due to a short circuit in a module that traces back to airbag flaws, causing them to dispense without warning.

Lexus IS Sedan
      The wiper-blade arm is the pin pointed issue on Lexus IS Sedan models from 2006-2012.     A tiny nut located on the blade has been known to loosen and cause the blade to come free. Extra weight such as the winter we are having here in Utah, could easily cause this problem on your vehicle.

If you own one of the above models, please be aware that Toyota will be mailing out letters concerning the recall.  No specified date has been mentioned, however, the company did say "In the near future".  Dealerships will most likely be handling the repairs and it should be a timely and organized process.

Visit here to learn more about Toyota Recall or here for Lexus Recall.

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