Friday, March 29, 2013

WRX Concept Vehicle, unveiled at the #NYIAS

Utah Car Cents followed step-by-step on twitter, blogs and other news sources to find the most cutting edge information on the New York Auto Show.  The Subaru unveil left us breathless.  Not knowing what their secret concept was going to be and then finding out it was a revolutionary take on the WRX, was awesome.  While watching the video, notice the mean cuts on the body, green accents, the LED lights and carbon fiber extras.  STUNNING is the only word that comes to mind here at Utah Car Cents.  How do you feel?  

Comment right here on our Utah Car Cents Blog, on our Facebook page or tweet to us your thoughts and feelings about the new WRX Concept Car!!!  Don't miss our show on Saturday from 10am-NOON right on 1280 The Zone!  

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