Thursday, March 20, 2014

2015 WRX Walk Around

A Walk Around of the 2015 WRX 

We got a sneak peek of the new 2015 WRX that is set to start hitting dealerships by late April-Early May.  You really have to see this car in person to give it justice.

It's much more attractive in person, in fact the more we see it the more we like, seeing that we weren't the biggest fans of it's styling when it first came our.  Even the Evo-isc front end looks much better and aggressive in person.

The Front LED's look much better, and the dual fog-lights don't look half bad either. The wheel color is workable and fit's the body well. We do wish they were a little more edgy though, they look super similar to the 2013 Subaru Legacy wheels if they were painted charcoal/black.

Our favorite color so far has been the World Rally Blue Pearl, something about the blue makes the new wider body stick out. The curves look more aggressive on the side and we can't help but wonder how great the car would look with rolled fenders for an even wider look!

The taillights are simple, but clean. The 'badging' remains the same, not too much or too little. We might like to see it badge-less ourselves.

We are not fans of the new rear diffuser, it looks like it came from the Subaru Crosstrek and it almost appears to have a covered up insert for a, uh' trailer hitch?   The exhaust looks the same as to prior years and will look great when tuners start applying their own personalities to it. Cobb, Invidia, Rallysport, were getting excited.

The door panels are similar to previous years' look. the charcoal leather (or cloth depending on trim) mixed with the red stitching. nothing special, but we like the simplicity.

The interior has been updated, the steering wheel has been given a sporty edge to it and the displays have been revamped to match newer model tech.  Including steering wheel access to cruise control, radio/volume/bluetooth integration. 

The trim isn't really a carbon fiber, more of a plastic blend of something. It's not bad on the eye and still feels sporty.  It is still an upgrade from the previous years'.

The seats aren't Recaro's but, they are comfortable. The new WRX feels like something you would be able to sit in for longer than 45 minutes without the need to crack your back.

The WRX now comes with a CVT or a 6-speed manual gearbox. A step up from it's 5-speed gearbox and the CVT does not feel like an automatic at all.  The CVT is ACTUALLY showing faster numbers after it has grown accustomed to the drivers habits in a sport mode.

This trim, a limited WRX offered Heated seats, electric seats, Harmon Karmon Stereo and a moon-roof.
The stereo's upgraded from previous years, and is nice and clean, has a decent bass too and doesn't leave you feeling like your driving a base model car with cardboard speakers anymore.

For being a sporty car, the WRX has decent legroom in the back seat, so it's easy to convince the wife that children will have no problem with comfort in the back. Car seats fit just fine.

I was extinguished from the keys at this moment so it's hard to show the in dash displays. the top of the dash offers a digital boost gauge and you can switch from boost-to-MPG's, trip info and more.

The trunk is large and has a ton of space.

We are excited for the new DIT (direct injection) set up Subaru has come out with this year. The Turbo is mounted infront of the motor as well, as it's a new Twin-Scroll technology that works seamless with the exhaust to create the least amount of lag.

A 2015 Sport Package will also be available for all 6-Speed Manual models. 
Side Skirts,
SPT - Exhaust
Wheels &
More ...

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