Thursday, March 13, 2014

Salt Lake's 10 Biggest Speed Traps

We Take a Look into Salt Lake's 10 Hottest Speed Traps...


The National Motorists Association has a list of Salt Lake City's biggest speed traps. It's no doubt that a speeding ticket can cause anger, frustration and ruin your day.  As we all know; the speed limit is not something to ignore and take lightly, as it saves lives and prevents accidents. However, when the speed limit drops drastically in a specific area and this area becomes a goldmine for law enforcement, then we may be a little justified. We thought we would take a look and share these with the mindset that these speed traps are set up to slow people down, so if we can be educated on the areas then we will be more apt to slow down.  Right?

  • Big Cottonwood Canyon   Salt Lake City, Utah

One Person wrote "Police wait in several hidey-holes along the canyon road, targeting drivers going down the canyon. Because the grade is so steep, you have a hard time getting enough engine braking to stay below the 40-45mph limits."

  • Airport Rental Car Return   Salt Lake City, Utah

"Speed drops from 30mph to 10mph. Cop sits in traffic but you do not pay attention to him or her because you are trying to return your rental car in an unfamiliar area."

  • 900 South 900 East   Salt Lake City, Utah

 This one has over 53 confirmations - "Officers sit just before you arrive at 9th East heading West. 9th South is a bit steep (coming from the Eastbench) & you are forced to ride your breaks."

  • Southbound Beck Street at about 1300 North   Salt Lake City, Utah

"Most active around the end of the month. The police usually wait until rush hour winds down (usually about 9:30 or 10:00). They use laser guns and target vehicles at the front of a group of vehicles."


  • 2100 South between 21st East and 1300 East   Salt Lake City, Utah

Another person writes "Cops on motorcycles as whether permits hide in side streets on the southe side of 2100 south, which is a four lane road that comes off a mountains as a 40 MPH road and it shifts down to 30 MPH. You can literally roll down this street faster than 30 if you are going westbound. Coming uphill, eastbound, the cops hide in a pullout just west of the Highland High rugby and soccer pitch. They will stop anyone going 35 MPH or above. It's a gold mine for tickets" 

  • 900 south and 10th east   Salt Lake City, Utah

"Cop stands under trees on the north side of the street with a hand-held laser radar gun. He parks his motorcycle on the sidewalk! Speed limit is 25 mph but since he is at the bottom of a hill, you cam easily coast up to 30 mph."

  • 12300 South and 1000 East - Draper 

"They hangout across from the Big-O-Tires and the Jiffy Lube, just as you are coming around the bend so you don't see them!"

  • 10600 South ~ 300 East in LDS Church Parking Lot   Sandy, Utah

"Going westbound, just after the railroad tracks, there is a LDS Church on the North side of the road. It is a slight downward sloping hill and there are cops in the driveway of the church parking lot with radar gun ready."

  • 4500 south between 700 east to about 300 east   Murray, Utah

One passionate individual writes "I live right next to this speed trap and see a pulled over vehicle in front of my house every morning. The cop sits on the north side of the road about 300 e in the easy to hide apartment parking lot on bike in summer, and lately in a truck. Heres the important part. He looks east and radars the vehicles coming down the HILL heading West. The speed limit is 40mph so they know its easy to accidentally speed up a bit down a hill. All they are doing is revenue generating. BEWARE OF THIS SPEED TRAP! I see cars pulled over everyday because I live right here!"

We saved the last one for our followers,  is there one we have missed?  What do you think?

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  1. Kinda late but I also live in Salt Lake. Nothing I hate more is where they sit on the exitway from 316 to 85 SB. Speed change im sure is around 15-20 so they get alot of guys there. Only place I was successfully pulled was by a Salt Lake's officer who clocked me 58 on a 45 but she actually let me go because it was late, I told her I had just got off work and was coming home from a job site and my speedometer just broke.. Cheers, Anne from