Monday, March 3, 2014

Subaru's Hidden Gem

Subaru's Impreza CS400

We just had to post this one specific whip in more detail from yesterdays post "Ten Most Powerful Hatches" from Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson's picks.  Quite frankly, we felt a little bit of jealousy over this particular hatch. Not because we love hatches, (because we do) not because it's a Subaru WRX STi (because we do) and not because it's a rated 400bhp whip (woah') But because everyone gets to play with it but us.

We are Cosworth fans, some of us die-hard Cosworth fans. Some of us are rocking forged connecting rods, stroker kits, Camshafts and manifolds...  So how come we never got the option to buy this Subaru WRX STi CS400 Impreza? (not that most of us could even afford it, ... maybe)

Here's the dirty...

This is the first performance special Cosworth has developed since the 1996 Ford Escort RS.

  "Dat Spoiler tho-"

Yes, amongst all things, I think its safe to say that they have come a long way over the years.  The Cosworth CS400 Impreza has an upgraded engine and chassis that pushes a 0-62mph in 3.7 Seconds, a 12.75 quarter mile placing it only half a second slower than 572bhp Audi RS6.

Subaru UK only offered 75 STi's of this edition rating in at 50,000 Euro's.  That's about $68,815.00 here in the USA.  This is an evil trick for all of us over here, it's like holding a piece of candy out in front of a baby and then tossing it into the trash just to make a point that we're not allowed to partake!  (Even if we can think of some cooler whips for that kind of cash)  Her top speed is 155mph, 400bhp @ 5750 rpm, 400ft lb torque @ 3950 rpm.   

Doesn't matter, we didn't want it anyway. . . 

Now we get to look forward to new things like the "Launch Edition" STi. 
Pre-order 1 out of 100 at Mark Miller Subaru if it helps ease the Cosworth pain.

 Or this Special Edition WRX 

I guess we can't complain because we at least get some options... 

Find out more on the CS400 Here from

Matt Stringham

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  1. Dat spoiler indeed, lol. It's... uh... interesting? Or if I'm going to channel my inner modern artist, it "speaks to me profoundly on multiple, inexplicable levels".

    Fred | jdmvip