Thursday, May 15, 2014

Utah's Newest Cellphone Law

Utah's new updated cell phone law.

Utah has a new cell phone law in effect this week, which prohibits playing games, checking social media, emails, calls and texting while behind the wheel.  This is all while the car is in motion.  I suggest refraining from these actions during a red light as well, Utah traffic is bad enough when your stuck in a ring of traffic lights; please don't be THAT person who is fiddling around when the light turns green.

The list itself is peculiar. One can't help but ask why anyone would be playing a game while driving in traffic?  "I'm sorry officer, I wasn't texting, I was playing Candy Crush!"  As if this used to be OK?

There is one exception to the usage of your smart phone.  GPS is allowed!  So let's break this down plain and simple... 

While behind the wheel, abstain from your phone unless you are using GPS.  There will be no reading, writing, dialing, recording, internet browsing, email checking, game playing or texting while the vehicle is in motion.

If one is caught violating these new rules they will be found guilty of a primary offense and fined a solid $100 bucks.

 I have also included several life threatening scenario pictures in this post to help show what could happen to people while on their phone while driving.  There may or may not be some hidden sarcasm here, but with all respect, please do not use your phone while driving. This is serious and lives can be destroyed from something so small...

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