Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are Your New Tires Actually Old?

Your tires may be new... but are they new?

Major Automotive manufacturers recommend replacing your cars tires after 6 yrs and DOT (Dept. of Transportation) recommends replacement after 10 years max.

Even when your car is brand new, the tires may still have some age to them. Tires are made and stored in a warehouse until they are ordered.  Everyone should know how old their tires are before purchasing them new.   Every tire has a certain code printed on the side.  The main numbers to watch is near the end of the code. These two numbers represent the age of your tires.  Some tire manufacturers are different, putting the week first instead of a month, and others put a month first instead of a numbered week.  This is known as the "Born-on date". This also proves that the tire meets the DOT's  tire requirements.

  Sometimes the code will end in either three numerals (pre-2000) or four (post 2000) and correspond to the two-digit week followed by the one- or two-digit year. If anyone has 3 numerals right now, you are at risk, we strongly advise changing tires.  Let's look at our example above.  For instance, the tire seen above has a code of DOT PJLH L6HV 4708, which would indicate a tire manufactured in the 47th week of 2008.  . If you find your "new" tires are more than two years old, it is best to  request a newer manufacture date or a discount from the merchant. These tires have been sitting, aging in storage for over two years.

How to read your tire:


  1. This is why I always buy used tires... the only time I bought brand new ones was when I had my Chevy Colorado and now that I've read this, I'm not even sure they were really new.

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