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2014: The Year of the Automotive Recalls

 2014 Automotive Recalls

Automotive manufacturers have had a rough start in 2014. Vehicles have thousands of moving parts, all of which have to work in sync and do their own part to keep the car on the road efficiently and safe. The NHTSA (national highway traffic safety administration) has announced 35+ major recalls since January of 2014 from different manufacturers. General Motors may be in the hot seat right now over ignition switch recalls, but other companies like Fiat, BMW, Nissan and Toyota have issued recalls as well.  Some of which pretty big, like corroding brake boosters, faulty seats, engine bolts and more! 
Below is a list of recalls from March 10th – April 10th 2014.

March 10
Monroe Trucks including Chevrolet C7500 and Ford F-350
Battery epoxy sealing that may melt and start a fire.
March 10
Izuzu and Chrysler
Aisin World Transmissions recalled for potential loss of power transfer which may increase the risk of a crash.
March 13
Motorcycles from 2013 including C 600 Sport and F 800 GS Recalled for potential shutdown while being ridden.
March 13
Graco Car seats
4.1 million carseats 2006-2014 recalled because harness buckle may become stuck, causing difficulty to remove child.
March 18
18,092 500L Vehicles from 2014 recalled for the transmission gear which may not shift in certain temperatures, increasing risk of crash
March 18
Dodge / Jeep
Durango’s and Grand Cherokee’s from 2012-2013 Recalled for a potential hard brake pedal feel, lengthening the distance needed to stop the vehicle.
March 18
2013-2014 XTS recalled for potential corrosion of brake boosters.
March 18
Odyssey’s from 2005-2010 recalled for potential fuel leak, increasing risk of fire
March 18
Buick / Chevrolet
Recalled for faulty side airbags and seatbelt pretensioners.
March 21
GM / Buick / Chevrolet
Impala and Regal’s recalled for gear shifts that may not shift, increasing the risk of rollaway or injury
March 27
Chrysler / Dodge
Chargers recalled for the sub-harness on the headlights which may overheat, causing the low beam headlights to go out.
March 27
Nissan / Infiniti
2013-2014 989,701, Leaf and Q50’s recalled for passenger seats failure to detect when adults are seated, resulting in failure of airbag deployment in an accident.
March 27
GM: Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn
Cobalt, Solstice and Ion recalled for faulty ignition switches causing vehicle to stall and airbags to not be deployed during accident
March 28
2014 911 GT3 Engines recalled for fires, potential damage to crankcases.
March 28
ELR 2014 vehicles recalled for potential loss of directional control.
March 31
Avalon’s from 2003-2004 front airbag recall, inadvertent deployment.
April 1
2013-2014 Cruze recalled for the right front shaft which may fracture, causing the vehicle to lose power.
April 1
Chevrolet / Saturn /
ION and HHR models recalled, electric power steering may fail.
April 2
Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge
2011-2014 Brake boosters that may allow water to get inside and limit braking.
April 4
2010-2012 Mazda 6’s recalled for potential fire risk.
April 9
Passat’s from 2012-2013 Low beam headlight bulb becomes loose.
April 10
Toyota / Scion
2006-2010 Yaris, XD models recalled because seats may not lock into position.
April 10
2006-2010 Highlander and Corolla recalled for driver airbags that may have been deactivated.
April 11
2010-2012 1,3,5,6-series, x3,x5x6 and Z4 recalled due to Camshaft timing bolts that may come loose or break.

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