Friday, December 13, 2013

The 2014 Grand Cherokee... Ugly ?

The New Jeep Grand Cherokee

The new Cherokee may be winning the ugliest vehicle award for 2014. But, is credit due where credit is earned ?  Now before you completely disagree with that statement and go off on how hideous the new grille, or how ridiculous the front end may be with three headlights... err, fog lights, wait, no they're headlights with two fog lights, or is it two fog-lights and one set of headlights?

Ok, i'll just get to the point.  Jeep should at least be credited for attempting to attack a new concept in design for the automotive industry. Every year we see new models and new concepts revealed at the L.A. Autoshow, but how often can we say that we saw a model arrive on showroom floors that actually, somewhat resembled the original concept ? Now I know the picture below is a coupe, but from the styling and slim cut headlights, you get the picture right?  For that, and that only I will have to say that the new Cherokee has some potential and deserves a little bit credit.  Even though the original grille on the concept was ten times better than the actual factory rendition.


Perhaps the styling could be a little more aggressive, as from this angle it looks like the hood took a 'Hulk Smash'on both sides. Either way, kudos to Jeep for trying.  

What do you think?
Can't wait for the new 2015 model? No pun intended. 


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