Monday, December 2, 2013

Buy a New 2014 Stingray and Help Assemble the Motor Yourself

GM to be first Automotive Manufacturer to offer a spot on the production line for customers to help build their own vehicle. 

General Motors knows that they are not attracting new, younger aged buyers for their new Stingray and traditional Corvettes.  They are having to compete with other manufacturers such as Porsche and Nissan for the younger Generations. Corvette owners tend to be 10 years older than buyers of a similar priced Porsche.

The new Stingray, has been given more aggressive looks to attract younger gen buyers and GM worked hard to include a mean performance package, and new tech to the model. Younger people are more fascinated for the European Exotics and the Japanese Tuners. Whether it is the turbo-boost engines or the aggressive curves that could be attracting them, no one knows. But GM does know that they can offer a whole new experience to their buyers.

As of January 1st 2014 people will be able to tour the General Motors factory again. Something we haven't seen since the bailout.

Not only will individuals be able to tour the factory again, but new Stingray owners will be able to take a trip to the factory production line, sit down with a GM powertrain employee and help build the engine to their very own car.

You can't get a better hands on experience with any other auto manufacturer. The New car will be customizable to the date of purchase and owners will be able to take part in the assembly of their own car.

To do this, new owners will be expected to drop up to 52,000.00 for their Stingray and then another 5-large (5,000.00) to help with its production.  At the very end of their visit they will tour the Corvette Museum and receive a very special, custom plaque for their new ride.
Richard Truett
General Motors


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