Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tis the Season for Car Shopping

Adage.com Reports Strong Selling December for Lexus, Mercedes and more.

The Auto industry usually has a tremendous budget when it comes to advertising and marketing spend.  Lexus launched their traditional December to Remember event for Christmas this year, (seen below)  and they are now celebrating a great month.

Mercedes has had a good month as well, pushing their 2015 Mercedes C Class.

 Audi, Mercedes and Subaru are trending this month as well.

The Auto Industry still seems to be thriving considering the consumer index has had a slow growth since November, ending at 92.6 from the expected 94, as described by the Wall Street Journal. 2014 was kind of an off year for Car companies and the Super bowl this year. Many of the commercials fell short of expectation or were just flat out weird demonstrating oddly shaped creatures, red pills, blue pills and angel wings.

We'll continue to watch the trends and report on the best and worst selling cars of the year. 

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