Tuesday, September 24, 2013

.iTunes Radio to Partner with Nissan Motors.


A recent Apple software release of iOS7 and new iPhone's appeared atop headlines everywhere from the Wall Street Journal, to every teenage blog in existence.  Utah Car Cents will in turn chip in our piece of news related to the Automotive Industry...

We all knew the day would come, with the giant Apple is, that they would ease their way into some type of vehicle.  The bright fruit will appear within Nissan Motors in the near future.  Plan to see iTunes radio in 3 new models:

  1. Rouge
  2. Versa Note
  3. Leaf EV

iTunes radio is Apple's equivalent of Pandora and Spotify, allowing the user to choose the type of music they would like to hear.  Selecting songs you love and enjoy whilst dismissing songs that leave a bad ringing in the ears.  Nissan's vice president of North American, Jon Brancheau states: "We see iTunes Radio as an integral part of our new vehicle launches and 'big moments,' riding the wave of interest and usage of this exciting new service to maximize exposure of Nissan's new models."

Nissan's integration with a technologically advanced company such as Apple, is not only interesting, but potentially leading the way for other manufacturers.  How do you feel about this move?  Whether you like it or don't, please comment below with opinions or questions.  Also, tell us what you'd like to hear about on our show or see written upon our blog.  Thanks listeners!! 

-Utah Car Cents Team  

Read Autoblog.com's story HERE.

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