Monday, July 29, 2013

Tesla Motors Hype

Tesla Motors

Many questions revolve around the Tesla Motors company.  Why are these vehicles so popular in the financial eye currently?  Is Tesla the future of all zero emission luxury vehicles?  Tesla can do no wrong in the eye of the world.  Word of mouth, posts and news stories continue in a positive direction.

However, will it last?

Many believe the electronic car is the future of all cars concerning our planet and keeping the environment a place that all can live safely.  "True cost of ownership" is measured on Tesla's website.
An interesting, yet almost proven declaration is made on their financial section:

"If you do your financing with Tesla, we guarantee that the Model S will have the top residual value of any high volume premium sedan brand (Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Lexus) after three years of ownership. This means you will receive cash back in three years that exceeds the principal remaining on your loan."

Simple & Bold.  

U.S. bank and Wells Fargo are willing to finance a huge portion of the Model S.  Interestingly enough, federal and state tax credit could potentially reimburse $7,500 to $15,000.  In effect, covering your down payment.  

Other Incentives

  • EV Incentives ($10,000 in California)
  • Gasoline Savings (avg. $261/Month)
  • Guaranteed Re-sell value
Tesla suggests other saving advice such as write offs, driving in the carpool lane and avoiding the gas station.  

Success? Yes, Success.
Tesla Motors as of 7/29/13

Above is the current market watch on Tesla Motors stock.  In 52 short weeks Tesla has grown by more than $100.  Many successful firms and people believe it's only the beginning.  Do you believe in the Tesla hype?  Please comment right here and give us feedback.  Tell us why or why you don't believe the future is in the hands of such motor companies as Tesla.

*Chart pictured is only an example of the current numbers.  Utah Car Cents is not promoting investing in this stock.  Please do your own research before deciding upon a financial commitment to the stock market.  

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