Friday, April 5, 2013

50 Strong Years...Porsche 911.

One of the most influential models EVER turns 50 this year.  The Porsche 911.
Throughout the years Stuttgart has released breathtaking designs, revolutionary mechanics and are still going strong.  

F Model
The very first 911 was released in 1963.  It was deemed the "F Model".  Notice the futuristic curvature and the beautiful engineering.  Unveiled at the Frankfurt International Auto Show about two years before it was re-named to the 911.  

 Not much has changed in fifty years as far as tradition goes, but much has changed with design and power.  The 991 released in 2011 is the capstone for the Porsche family.  Technical advancements help Porsche describe it as their "epitome" of Porsche Intelligent Performance.  

Visit the Porsche Mini Site and learn all about all 50 years of the 911.

Utah Car Cents would like to recognize the Porsche company and tip our hats to 50 years of beautiful vehicles!  Don't miss our show tomorrow from 10AM-NOON on 1280 The Zone or 97.5FM.  Thanks to all of our listeners!  Let us know how Porsche has or has not influenced your love for cars over the past 50 years!  Visit us on Utah Car Cents Facebook and leave us a post!  

Sincerely, Utah Car Cents Team  

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